The facts behind my arrest and the homophobic hate campaign that targeted myself and my husband

Photo by Andy Willis on Unsplash
A screenshot of Terri Jo Neff responding to my friends defending me on her story about me — where she admits the story was overblown and she left details out so that the story would sell better.
A screenshot of Terri Jo Neff commenting on her story about me in response to my friends defending me: here she admits the charges were overblown and that she left details out to make money.
This is a screenshot of me posting in a leftist group I was in, begging for help weeks before my arrest.
My early termination from the judge: I was let off 2 years early from my 3 year sentence for good behavior and contributions to the local community: including headlining Tucson Pride’s mainstage in 2019.
My actual charges: a low level felony that eventually became an unspecific misdemeanor. And nothing to do with terrorism or school shooting threats.
The types of threats I was facing from Cody, Darrell, and their friends.
A screenshot of Cody threatening me and stating it’s because I’m gay. I faced this and more for weeks. No one, even the police would help me. No one paid attention until I finally melted down under the pressure and responded.



Kurtis Tripp is a confessional rapper and gay rights activist.

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